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Week 40

The baby's size is 20.16 inches., as big as a security blanket

It’s the long-awaited moment! Your baby, the size of a security blanket, measures approximately 20.16 inches, ready to make its grand entrance into the world.

During these last weeks, your little one has accumulated valuable fat reserves, now representing around 15% of its body weight. Its liver is also absorbing starch from your bloodstream, which it will convert into glucose for the energy it needs in its first days of life before receiving your breast milk full of benefits.

The time before birth is a period of adjustments. Your baby, already without enough space in the uterus, will retract into the fetal position, eagerly awaiting to embark on its journey into the outside world. This position will be maintained in the first weeks after birth.

Childbirth, although exciting, is also a challenge for your baby. After false contractions, the real work begins with the uterus contracting to facilitate descent. Before its head can pass through your vagina, it will need to rotate 90 degrees, an intense part of the birthing process.

Once it has turned, its head will be visible, ready for its first breath and its first cry, signs that it has passed the critical stage of birth. Although its shoulders still need to come out with your help, the rest of its little body will slide easily into the world. Your baby needs your love and care more than ever!

Week 39

The baby's size is 19.96 inches, the height of the Risk board

The countdown has begun! Your baby, as big as the height of the Risk board, measures around 19.69 inches. It’s accumulating those adorable fat reserves that will make it chubby and ready to explore the outside world.

At this stage, its internal organs are ripe, functioning perfectly to receive everything it needs after birth. Your little adventurer is prepared for the big day!

The eyes, mirrors of the soul, have their own time of revelation. They won’t take on their final color until your baby is between 12 and 18 months old. So, for now, enjoy those changing hues that could be green, blue, or grayish.

You may feel irregular contractions, moving your little explorer towards the lower part of your pelvis. The exciting finale is approaching! With the decrease in amniotic fluid, the stage is set for the grand spectacle: the birth of your treasure, accompanied by the expulsion of the rest of the amniotic fluid. Get ready to welcome your baby at any moment!

Week 38

The baby's size is 19.61 inches, as big as a onesie bodysuit

Imagine this! Your little one has grown to measure 19.61 inches, practically like an Onesie bodysuit! The excitement is palpable as it prepares for its grand entrance into the world. The head, with a diameter of about 12.6 inches, is ready and eager for the wonderful process of childbirth.

At this stage, your baby moves less, as if taking a break before the big event. Space becomes smaller, and the baby is already in the right position. Some babies may need a little external assistance.

The excitement doesn’t stop! Your body is producing cortisol, a crucial boost for developing your baby’s lungs. At this stage, your doctor, like the director of this exciting production, performs ultrasounds to ensure that the placenta continues to supply the necessary nutrients for your little one.

Week 37

The baby's size is 19.13 inches, as long as medium bath mat

Your baby has reached the length of a medium bath mat, at 19.13 inches! Additionally, it’s rapidly gaining weight, preparing for its grand entrance into the world and continuing to increase its fat reserves. About 15% of its body weight is fat, which will allow it to maintain its body temperature and support its healthy development after birth.

At this stage, your baby is losing most of its lanugo and the waxy vernix caseosa covering it. Small amounts of these may still be present on its skin at birth, and experts can use them to estimate its exact age. The amniotic fluid your baby continues to drink will contribute to the formation of meconium, the first fecal matter it will excrete after birth.

As it approaches birth, your baby’s head has moved down into the lower part of your pelvis, the ideal position for labor. Although this position may be uncomfortable for your baby, many of them take advantage of this time to rest and gather strength for the big day. They’re ready to face the outside world at any moment!

Week 36

The baby's size is 18.66 inches, as large as a baritone ukulele

Your little one has reached the height of a baritone ukulele and now measures 18.66 inches! Its body has become chubby thanks to fat reserves, which will allow it to regulate its body temperature when born.

The main development in these last weeks will be weight gain, but its growth will also continue. These fat reserves are crucial for maintaining its body heat in the early days. Remember that it’s normal for babies to lose a little weight at first!

All of your baby’s systems are working perfectly. Almost certainly, it has already assumed the birthing position towards the lower area of your pelvis. The false labor movements you’re experiencing contribute to this process and help your baby move towards the birth canal.

In week 36, your baby is very aware of its surroundings, hearing voices, music, and picking up on your emotions. It’s crucial to relax, focus on yourself and the baby, and conserve energy for labor. Your little one is in a confined space, and although it doesn’t move much due to its position, it’s gathering strength for the impending big moment. There’s no turning back now, the exciting encounter is approaching!

Week 35

The baby's size is 18.19 inches, as large as the body of a cat

Your little baby is ready for the big party! In week 35, he or she measures about 18.19 inches, about the size of the body of a cat excluding the tail. Despite the limited space, your little prodigy coordinates subtle movements, such as touching its nose or sucking its thumb. Its reflexes, from sucking to grasping, are perfectly trained, and its breathing reflex is ready for the big moment!

The digestive organs are working hard: kidneys and liver play crucial roles. The kidneys eliminate metabolic waste, while the liver converts sugar into glucose, vital for its future nutrition. In its intestines, meconium forms, a mixture of amniotic fluid, vernix caseosa, and lanugo, which your baby will excrete in its first days.

Your treasure’s immune system is already active, independent of yours. It has absorbed the necessary antibodies for its own immunity, but its complete development will take a few years. Your breast milk, with precious colostrum, will be its initial shield against pathogens!

Week 34

The baby's size is 17.72 inches, as long as a standard keyboard

Your little treasure is ready for its grand entrance! In week 34, it measures an impressive 17.72 inches, like a standard keyboard! It’s growing rapidly, and although every baby has its own pace, it will soon reach the perfect weight for the big day. The countdown is on!

Your baby’s senses are in full swing, especially its hearing, which improves significantly. It can pick up high-pitched sounds, and once born, it will recognize familiar voices and sounds it’s been hearing! This familiarity will give it security and comfort from its earliest days.

Its skeletal system absorbs calcium to strengthen its bones, although they won’t be fully developed at birth. Your baby’s lungs are in the final stage of development, and although space in the uterus decreases, your little one keeps dancing from side to side!

If it’s a boy, in week 34, its testicles begin to descend into the scrotum. The ultrasound reveals a swollen scrotum due to water retention, but there’s no need to worry! This will normalize after a few days.

Week 33

The baby's size is 17.20 inches, as large as a burp cloth

In week 33, your little one measures 17.20 inches, as long as a burp cloth! This baby is growing by leaps and bounds, and there’s still more to come!

Its development is at its peak. Organs in place and ready for action! Your baby’s sensory perception is almost complete: it hears, tastes, sees, and feels touch. Only the sense of smell is missing, but that will come after the grand debut! If it decided to peek out now, it would only need a little help to maintain its temperature.

At this stage, its brain is developing rapidly. Although its head is not yet as big, it’s growing about 1.3 cm this week. The soft spots on its skull, those fontanelles, are key for birth and will allow its brain space to grow after birth.

Its skeletal system is ready, although the bones will need to harden further for the big event. But here’s the thing: they’re born with the bones still hardening! The pediatrician will closely monitor its development in the first weeks and months of life.

Week 32

The baby's size is 16.69 inches, as large as a nancy doll

In week 32, your little one is as big as a nancy doll, reaching an astonishing 16.69 inches! Its development is a spectacle in progress, and there’s still more to come!

At this stage, your treasure is almost fully formed. Its organs are ready and just need some fine-tuning. The lungs are prepared for the future. Almost ready for that first breath!

With little space in the uterus, your baby gradually adopts the adorable fetal position. Its legs curl up, its tiny fingers explore the world, and it may even suck its big toe as a cute suction practice!

Although it already looks like a newborn, it still needs to accumulate subcutaneous fat for that chubby look and as a vital reserve for its early days. Soon, it will lose the wrinkles and prepare for the embrace of the outside world!

Week 31

The baby's size is 16.18 inches, almost like a classic txistu

Week 31 marks the culmination of the amazing eighth month of your journey! Your treasure has grown to an impressive height of 16.18 inches, almost like a classic txistu!

In the fascinating internal world, its organs are completing their development. Its lungs are ready to expand—truly a wonder of nature! Even if it decided to make an early entrance, it would only need a little help to breathe.

Your little one, now with a established sleep pattern, moves less but with palpable vitality when awake. Its strong movements can cause unforgettable sensations. Although it hasn’t yet adopted the position for the big day, its head is moving towards the birth canal, preparing for the exciting moment.

Week 30

The baby's size is 15.71 inches, as large as a laptop

Week 30, a fascinating chapter in your little one’s odyssey! Its presence comes to life with its impressive 15.71 inches, equivalent to a large laptop!

At this stage, fine details are being perfected. The lungs, almost ready for their big debut, are preparing to breathe the air of the outside world. The complex digestive system is also taking shape, ready to process the delights of breast milk.

The most exciting thing is the development of subcutaneous fat, giving its body a compact, pink appearance. These fat reserves will be its secret to regulating temperature and facing the first days after birth!

Taking the fetal position, your little one is getting ready for the big event. Although space in the womb is shrinking, this position keeps it warm and comfortable, a practice that will continue after birth with blankets and sleeping bags!

The lanugo, that soft layer, is on the decline, giving way to delicate fuzz. The stage is set for the last ultrasound, a careful look at the position of the placenta. A crucial detail for the big day! We’re about to meet this little wonder, the adventure continues!

Week 29

The baby's size is 15.20 inches, the length of a xylophone

In week 29, imagine your little miracle, it’s as big as the length of a xylophone! The more it grows, the fewer challenges it will face if it decides to venture into the world ahead of time.

At this enchanted stage, your baby is taking shape, a tender preview of what it will be like at birth. Its features have developed rapidly, and its proportions have been established. But, the most exciting thing is what happens inside: its organs, complex and ready for action, are performing their roles gracefully.

Weight gain is the star of the show this week. Fat cells are already in place, ready to store those essential reserves. It’s time for “filling” for your little one, preparation for those first days after birth when your breast milk will be key to its growth!

You can also imagine its body covered in lanugo, increasingly thick and cozy hair. Some are already showing their hair, a delightful genetic surprise!

Week 28

The baby's size is 14.80 inches, as large as a pack of diapers

In week 28, your little treasure is reaching new heights, as big as a pack of diapers! Your baby’s development is in full swing. This week marks a crucial milestone as it begins to absorb antibodies from your blood through the placenta.

Your baby’s brain and lungs are actively developing. In fact, the baby is actively practicing the breathing process. To do this, it swallows amniotic fluid, which can cause hiccups, a sensation you’ll surely notice as small spasms in your abdomen. These breathing practices are vital to prepare for life outside the womb.

As for its eyes, they’re working hard. It can open and close them, distinguish between light and darkness, colors, and shapes. Although its vision isn’t perfect yet, it’s on its way to sharper vision that will fully develop in its early years.

With all this at stake, if your baby decided to enter the world at this moment, its chances of survival would be quite encouraging!

Week 27

The baby's size is 14.41 inches, as large as a quena

In week 27, your little one reaches the size of a quena! Additionally, an exciting developmental milestone occurs. Your baby’s eyes can not only distinguish between light and darkness but now they can open and close those eyelids, practicing this fascinating visual ballet over and over again!

Brain development is in full swing, with the first grooves marking the path to more complex thought processes and sharper sensory perception. Your baby’s body proportions are adjusting, with the head growing more slowly while the rest of the body strives to catch up.

At this exciting stage, your baby’s lungs have reached a level of development that significantly increases its chances of survival in case of premature birth. Although they would still require mechanical ventilation, they no longer face significant risks to their life and health! A step forward towards the exciting arrival of your little treasure.

Week 26

The baby's size is 14.02 inches, as large as a small Peregrine falcon

In week 26, your little treasure is growing by leaps and bounds, it’s already as big as a small Peregrine falcon! With each passing day, your baby’s cozy home becomes smaller.

In this fascinating week, your baby’s nostrils start to open, marking the beginning of “breathing” practice. It’s amazing to know that, inside your womb, they’re rehearsing for that special moment when they’ll inhale the surrounding air!

Visual development is also in full swing. Your baby’s eyes can already distinguish between light and darkness. The difference between your baby’s wakefulness and rest periods will become more evident. When it’s awake and active, you’ll feel its tender movements, while during its sleep moments, your belly will be calm, offering you a sweet respite from its busy activity. Even if you’re expecting twins, these two little angels tend to share behaviors, creating a beautiful ballet inside you!

Week 25

The baby's size is 13.62 inches, as large as a recorder

In the incredible week 25, your little one is reaching new dimensions, it’s as big as a recorder!

Although your baby still has space to do its adorable acrobatics, you’ll soon notice that the somersaults become tighter due to constant growth. It will soon begin to feel cramped in its cozy home!

At this exciting stage, your baby’s eyes are fully formed, opening and closing at will. Although we don’t know the color of its iris yet, that’s part of the mystery that will soon be revealed! Its skin also begins to acquire a pinkish tone, marking its path to adorable tenderness.

Balance development is underway, allowing your little one to refine its movements and exhibit more subtle control. Imagine the sweetness when it can touch its nose with its tiny fingers and bring its thumb to its mouth to suck!

The amazing development of the lungs is also underway. Although they’re not fully mature, they’re already preparing for the big day when your little one breathes on its own. Your doctor can observe this exciting progress in an ultrasound, a glimpse into the miracle of development!

Week 24

The baby's size is 11.81 inches, as large as a bottle of wine

In week 24, your little one is reaching new heights, it’s already as big as a bottle of wine! Although it has already grown quite a bit, it still has a whole universe to move around in, and you’ll feel every little kick in your belly, day and night! With these movements, the baby continues to develop its muscles. Additionally, it’s working hard to develop more fatty tissue and reach the necessary weight before the big day!

Some moms may notice small bruises or bruises on their belly due to their baby’s kicks. There’s no need to worry; they’re clear signs that your baby is growing and full of activity!

And speaking of development this week, your baby is comfortable but ready to explore the sensory world. It’s ready to receive stimuli, and it will begin to react more and more to the sounds it hears in the womb! Your voice will become its key stimulus and vital reference point in the early years. The connection between a newborn and its mother is simply amazing!

But that’s not all; its sense of taste is also taking off! It can already distinguish between sour, bitter, and salty flavors in the amniotic fluid, and it can now identify sweet tastes! This development will give it an innate preference for sweet foods, which is wonderful because your breast milk is also sweet! Additionally, it’s essential for regulating its body temperature!

Week 23

The baby's size is 11.38 inches., as tall as a baby bottle

In week 23, your little one is about the height of a baby bottle. Although measuring it can be a challenge due to its position and activity, your doctor uses ingenious formulas with measurements like femur length to estimate its size.

At this crucial stage, your baby is developing the pancreas, an essential organ for producing hormones and controlling blood sugar. This organ, with the Langerhans islets that produce insulin, is fundamental for sugar metabolism.

It still has plenty of room in the womb to move around, and it takes advantage of it to train its muscles, tendons, and senses! If you feel a lot of movement, it could be making rapid “trips” from one side of the womb to the other!

The amniotic cavity, with half a liter of fluid, is an active environment. Your baby drinks about 400 ml of amniotic fluid a day, training its digestive system! With each passing week, the chances of survival in case of premature birth increase, although it’s important to continue with medical appointments to reduce that risk. Every day is a step towards the wonderful encounter with your little one!

Week 22

The baby's size is 10.94 inches, as large as a Johnson's Baby shampoo bottle

In week 22, your little one is growing by leaps and bounds, measuring approximately the size of a Johnson’s Baby shampoo bottle! Its appearance increasingly resembles what it will look like at birth, although smaller and thinner. Its skin is wrinkled due to the lack of subcutaneous fat, but those wrinkles will soon disappear as it grows and develops!

Your baby’s body hair has grown, and its hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows have the shape they will have at birth, although the hair is white and soft due to the lack of pigmentation. Its first baby teeth are starting to form beneath the gums, ready to make their debut between 6 and 9 months after birth.

Your baby’s limbs are already in proportion, and from week 22, its weight gain will surpass its length growth! The fat it’s accumulating will play a crucial role in regulating its body temperature when it’s born.

Additionally, it’s absorbing valuable antibodies from your bloodstream, building its immune system to fight infections and grow healthily! So even minor infections can have benefits by strengthening its immune system! How amazing is your little one’s journey into life!